About Us

Smale Institute of Mathematics and Computation is an open and global research institute in the field of Mathematics and Computation. By leveraging the leading researches all over the world, the aim of the Institute is to combine Mathematics and Computation as a unified force for the foundation and better study (using data and algorithms) of other sciences.

One goal of the Institute is to study the basic theory of computation ("law of computation") as well as the deep understanding of algorithms in the area of big linear/nonlinear equation, eigenvalue/eigenvectors, machine learning/deep learning/optimization, probability/statistics/data science and etc. Such study becomes more important in the era of big data/AI. Another goal is to provide the foundation and better study of other sciences, especially in biology, psychology, social science and etc.

Smale Institute will gradually work with the leading researchers in universities and academic organizations over the world by a variety of ways: providing financial support to projects/researchers; conducting research projects together; supporting postdocs and etc.

Prof. Steve Smale is Chairman Emeritus of the Institute.